Friday, March 30, 2007

A little bet..

Charlie and Ollie popped off unseen to the betting shop today. Charlie put a fiver on The Gay Cavalier to win 10-1 and Ollie on Ranter 30-1 .It turned out that Ranter got a bit of a speed up and won . Ollie generously took Charles and Henny out to lunch .Unfortunately James saw them eating and dragged Ollie out of the cafe . The local Policeman P.C Sloth had to charge James with causing an affray . His shouting "he killed my father" didn't help as his father was standing there looking embarrassed . He has tried to explain they are in Heaven now but James has issues. He had to have iodine applied to his black eye by Mrs Moony and the dentist Mr Pullum will see him tomorrow.


Marianne said...

Oh dear, James just refuses to believe the situation, doesn't he. But really, what in heaven's name could he be thinking... well, other than not being in heaven... are there any therapists in town, perhaps someone James could talk it out with?
I do hope Ollie is alright, and how kind and generous of him to take Charles and Henny out for lunch.

Holly Bernice Cox said...

Oh what a good idea a therapist !!! Let's see Dr Wittelsbach ...Rupert's uncle.