Saturday, March 24, 2007

Invited to the vicarage for a cosy dinner

Moony and I were sitting down for breakfast yesterday when a thin black envelope rattled through the letterbox. Moony scooped it up hoping that it was a love note from an ardent admirer. If it had been it was clear he didn't have much to say for himself, but as time goes by I find that Moony's admirers have less and less to say. She tore it open and when she saw it was not what she had hoped for threw it into the scrambled eggs and went back to her corn flakes in gin. I picked it out and wiped it off, luckily it was still legible. In plain gold script it announced, "You are invited to an evening of cocktails and pleasures at the vicarage. Black tie and cocktail dress." I thought that the dress instructions seemed a bit odd but an evening at the Vicarage is always a welcome treat. Ignoring Moony who just wanted to slouch off to the "Full Moon and Lunatic" I ran across to Henny and Charlie's little cottage. They had been invited also and Henny had already thrown herself into finding the perfect outfit. The skirt seemed to be layered with peacock feathers that when she pulled a little string rose up like the plumage of those lovely mystical birds. Next to her Charlie looked a little plain in a black silk suit and peacock feather trimmed picture hat. But I actually thought he was looking forward to the party although he's much to dignified to say so. Henny offered to come along to "Dingbat Wobble and Fryers" with me and "Puk outt a noo evening goon." I of course had my heart set on something in green, so we popped up to the new Ladies attire department, where Henny flicked through the racks with me and plucked out some very daring creations. Until my eye fell on an Emerald green velvet with a silk Brussels sprout corsage the label said it was a rose but I know better, I did worry that a black tie would spoil the effect. I decided I'd better pick something Moony would like. I know how much Moony loves to reveal and dazzle. But well subtlety is my watch word, never mind that I decided whatever Moony wears Henny will well "steal the show". I found a gold lame blouse and flared skirt printed with Egyptians (how funny) all non Gin stain. The Dingbats know Moony too well.
As do I alas ,and it was no surprise when I found I had to wheel Moony to the vicarage in our trusty wheel barrow, too drunk to walk. The vicar had decked out his one tree with fairy lights which might have looked elegant if they weren't shaped like Minnie Mouse and Pluto. Mrs Vicar met us at the door with her oriental eggs which sadly we were obliged to eat as she was watching intently. Charlie, an aesthete ,had passed out after seeing the fairy lights so was spared Mrs Vicar's finger food he revived however after the first glass of "Bells" and led Henny in a tango across the lawn. Her feet didn't touch the ground. The rest of us gathered round the piano where the Vicar banged out show tunes until dinner. He kept looking at Mrs Moony and I and sighing for some reason although we were well behaved and unlike his other female guests we had remembered to wear our black ties. Thankfully dinner was laid on by The Vicars lovely Cook Mrs Dumpling and not Mrs Vicar so it was edible and of course for me she had included Brussels sprouts. Ohh but my darlings what a revelation came after dinner when the Vicar rose to propose a toast and announced " My dears I have a surprise for all of you, I know you will miss me but I am going to Africa to take up a missionary position!" Henny could be heard to whisper "Why do you have to go to Africa?" And Charlie began to laugh hysterically. I think it took the wind out of the Vicar's sails a bit. I fear the vicar may have to return if there is an uprising. The rest of the evening progressed well, Dr De-ath led us all in a chorus of for "he's a jolly good fellow". Charles got rather tipsy again and his black tie began to slip revealing a row of big stitches which Henny tried to cover up using her fur shrug when they left.


Marianne said...

Oh my dear, I just imagine you were quite the vision in the emerald green...and black tie.
He's going to Africa?!? Oh my, I just keep wondering though...what with the theory that you're all in heaven....hmmmmm, well, never mind, it will all turn out somehow.
So glad you had such a lovely evening!

Holly Bernice Cox said...

Point there Marianne ! Of course it'll be a Heavenly Africa !

Marianne said...

Now then, we are all on the right page after all....Heavenly Africa!