Sunday, March 18, 2007


My goodness dear readers those "steps" turned out to be some very pretty platform shoes ! Henny was delighted as she is now the same height as Charles , Im and Milord. She does have trouble walking in them but Rupert ( just like a son to her) has invented a "Zimmer" frame for her so she cuts quite a dash ( no a crawl in fact). Lizzie, Henry , Mary , Ann etc all arrived with flowers and chocolates. Mooney's cake fooled her and she is very happy. I am about to be picked up by Bramwell in his little run-around car. I hear Boris wove his Mama a shawl , how thoughtful. I will let you know later what my surpise is .


Marianne said...

I am so pleased for Henny, pretty little platform shoes, flowers and chocolates! Dear Mooney.

Holly Bernice Cox said...

At least she can reach into her kitchen cupboards now !