Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mother's Day here .

Dear Bramwell tells me he has a surprise for me after Church , I simply can't wait. I hope things are going well at all the other house's in the village with mothers old and young. I could hear a lot of noises from Henny's this morning .Then a lot of wailing so I hope those boys of hers havn't let her down. I know James was inventing something called a "step" as Mummy is so short.
Mrs Mooney looked sad this morning as her darlings ( all at boarding school in Switzerland) really don't care. I can't say she was a great mother but even so ..well Henny has made a lovely cake for her simply soaked in gin which she had sent to Switzerland and re-posted here. I expect Helen will be boasting all around the village that she had the most wonderful flowers , cakes , books etc .
I will post again later when I find out what my surprise is ...oh dear big Charlie has just been thrown out by his dear little Papa . A shout of "If ye canna be bothered don't come here asking for sugar" followed with him. I expect his gambling debts are causing strife again or he's had another .....err baby . I doubt Henny got a thing , let's hope James arrives soon .


Marianne said...

I can see that it's looking to be quite the exciting day, and I can hardly wait to see what Bramwell has found for you! How sweet of Henny to bake a gin soaked caked and having it sent and reposted. Och, that big Charlie, I'd be marching him to the woodshed no matter how much bigger he was than I...I do so hope James arrives soon, that would certainly help.

Holly Bernice Cox said...

Zis iz Henny ere , mon petit fils Jamie et arrive . Ow I am tooched by is guft so usfool and stillish . Votre ami H M de B de S ( Queen of Great Britain ).