Monday, July 31, 2006

Carrots in the dark

No I think you'll find a torch and some bionoculars a little more useful. What do you suppose you'll see if you hold a carrot in front of you as you walk down the street. Nothing unless you are mad enough to have hollowed one out and transformed it into a torch, you'll be sorry when it goes off. The carrot is a useless vegetable the sprout is not. For a basket of sprouts on a dark night will not only help you see but provide a talking point in the air raid shelter! And think of all the games that can be played with brussels sprouts (marbles for instance). Posted by Picasa

Go through your Wardrobe....

I'm afraid we don't live in Narnia land so this is a little out of the realms of possibility, no? Much as one is often struck by the desire to hide in the wardrobe it seems a touch cowardly and impractical , what if the war never ends do they propose we live in there indefinately? Open a school in my mink coat and a local shop in my woollen stockings then shall I, we can keep all the stamps in my opera gloves and set up home in my nightie ?! Posted by Picasa

The local wildlife

Moony and I took a stroll in the countryside this weekend when I noticed there was something odd about the delightful sheep in farmer Brookfluff's field. I say odd to be honest they've never been like normal sheep. I ask you have you ever been to a farm where the sheep subscribe to the "Independent"( I think not somehow! )But I was puzzled by the new sheep he was pure gold wearing a crown with black dreadlocks. Not your run of the mill sheep ehh? I turned to Mooney and at once knew where this odd bleating little king came from. Yes dear reader as you may have realised from the picture enclosed above our new fleeced friend was once one of Neffie's pets. She sold him on to Farmer Brookfluff to cover some of her gambling debts (I have suggested that she see a hypnotist about her addictions as I hear they can work miracles but alas she will not take my advice). Well he seems to be settling in well placing himself as a king god and expecting worship and hand picked grass at all hours of the day and night. Still he may be ousted by a revoloution any day now. Your faithful voice from the village Mrs J.Nito God bless and pray for a glorious sprout harvest. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A bit mad Hatter but a best seller

Straw for the Summer days ,bound to get you noticed !

Hathor's Hats..

A little Astrakhan number for those Winter days .

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lumpy stockings.....

How very cheeky our dear Moony was when she saw the title of my post ! But no my dear I of course refer to the "unusual" Christmas window at Dingbat,Wobble & Fryers in the high street. Throughout December we the assembled villagers both marvelled and speculated at what the unsightly bulges were compossed of. Of course with Lord Arbathnot-Nut as yet not apprehended by the police and with the dissaperance of Lady Arbathnot-Nut never quite resolved we found our minds running to even wilder speculation. Here I am with my delightful friend from the W.I Mrs Potts , we have just identified an orange something that for a brief while became the talk of the village. Mr&Mrs Dingbat, Mr Wobble and Mr & Mrs Fryer kept tight lipped about the materials used until the 25th when they revealed to our surprise that they had used unwanted gifts from family and friends collected over the years. Never before have I seen so many mens undergarments. But when I said this to Moony she seemed very surprised and remarked that I never pulled my weight on the wards when we were in the V.A.D. Humm her opinion not mine ..... At least I knitted the poor boys some socks what did she do for morale I ask!? On that note I must depart, tomorrow is W.I day and my I have never had my title of Queen of Tarts bested.... Posted by Picasa