Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mrs Nito's campaign .

"Hello my dears , aggrieved letter in the post from Mrs Cox . Apparently she's been treated abysmally by on a certain Mr Bryan Ferry 's fan-site ( not official I might add) . I don't know why she likes a man so into ferries but she's a bit eccentric . As you can imagine I was absolutely alarmed to hear this . I read on and discovered he was in a band called Roxy Music . Even now Mrs Mooney is gathering the villagers to boycott the local cinema ( I'm not sure she's got it quite right ..but that's her allover ). We are inviting Mrs Cox to tea to cheer her up and she has promised to bring some of her 78s by this man so we can hear them. I will be writing to the Queen about this matter as she has been a loyal fan she must have paid for at least a vase in his house which we demand backand possibly keep. After all we could do with a nice vase. Anyone who cares to sign our petition will have to see Luzbel as he will be popping over to your side to take it to no 10 . I shall make it clear to Gordon this is more important than the credit crunch as over the years Mrs Cox has invested in Mr Ferry's bank-balance quite heavily "