Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rupert Everett gets a special

by Bramwell but that's another story and poor Brammy was wrestled to the ground by The King's Lifeguard ( i.e Prince Rupert..which he quite enjoyed). As we were having a premiere of St. Trinians we asked the landlord ( a Mr God) for a special pass for Mr Everett . We had the whole cinema decked in "Juicy Coutre" ribbon and a large set of buck teeth for donations to Mr Everett's aids work. He arrived on his bicycle from the station not the limo we'd expected but he's a bit green now ( Mrs Nito IS pleased).He was really super in person in fact Harlot fainted and Mooney made a grab that I managed to deflect in time . I explained his preferences later. He had the best seat ( the one without the fleas) and a free cone . Alas he hasn't given up the dreaded weed ( and I DO mean weed...wink, wink) so we were all very happy when we staggered out . He asked where the nearest Gay club was so we took him to the back of "The Full Moon and Lunatic ". He didn't seem very happy until Ivan and Brammy arrived and suggested he'd prefer "The Ruby Slipper" . We older ones sent them off and do you know we had the most charming thank-you letter and several copies of "Dahling are You Working?" ...what a vivid imagination!
This is how the poor man's back was after wearing ladie's court shoes during filming .Mrs Bagshot-Smyth soon straightened him up ( pardon the pun).