Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just telling Holly our life stories..

poor dear must be tired from all that sitting up watching "Tom Jones" last night ...I think a word with her mother ! Posted by Picasa

Holly's expression when..

she told us what Luzbel had prepared for Mummy's visit..hum? Posted by Picasa


Mummy is coming...she's barking mad you know.Bossy just doesn't come into it ..any minute now the limo will pull up and the hat boxes will be unloaded . She thinks the Sun rises when she gets up you know.Thank-goodness Mummy/Daddy isn't coming too he's even madder. She'll be off to the Church setting up an altar to herself and upsetting the Vicar .Last time she visited the whole congregation had started crawling out backwards before her and she scared them all with tales of eternal damnation...ah yes well nothing changes does it? Better stock up on locusts and mead.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Popped into The President's Office

Terrible smell of glue and fish must be working on his little model. I did have a small peep in his drawers .

Daylight robbery !

and could I call the police ?NO me and Nito had to sneak out the back .We sneaked back with some old Mummy from a cave that night so no-one missed me . Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Holly loves a sheep...

She tells us she is very fond of a sheep called Dolores who is on a cruise ,sadly probably mixing with a lot of Hooray Henrys like this lot ...showing the Bolshevik in me . Posted by Picasa

Mrs Cox popped round ..

and when she saw our pictures pointed to Barbie and said she was a "heroine" but got her mixed up with her friend Ethel. We know just how much a heroine the poor woman is . Anyhow we found out that the family name is Kennedy isn't that a co-incidence just like Mrs Cox's hero Bobby.

Barbie's husband's second wife...

on their wedding day wonder that poor woman had no self-esteem he must have given this one so much attention . Posted by Picasa

At first he took the coward's way out...

and told her from a distance . Posted by Picasa

Barbie has started Bungie jumping...

maybe too big a personality change. Posted by Picasa

Cutting Sprout's Lido ..

trust Mooney to get a bigger one than me. Posted by Picasa

She didn't take it well at first but...

being a lovely woman forgave and has become friends with his Japanese wife . Posted by Picasa

No wonder he was always away on business !

He has a Japanese family ...oh poor Barbie we must stop her finding out. Posted by Picasa

Lovely party at The Vicarage.

After sorting out Barbie we deserved some fun .

Mrs Harlot ..errr Harley visits

Just to boast about her assets Ist Prize in the cake competition I ask you? Mrs Mooney says "why can she never sit up?"

I'd taken Mooney to see "Aida"

So Holly bear-sat for us .Now that's more like it a charming little fair-isle I made for the darling . Posted by Picasa

A fashion crime or just Mrs Cox let loose ?

We ask you our readers ( you are out there are you not?) Posted by Picasa

Our next cause

He's probably a loving grandpa but her mother's needles need removing . Posted by Picasa

What a lovely surprise !

Yesterday an enormous car splashed mud on us as we shopped in the village.A window rolled down and a voice yelled "Hiya Kids" was Barbie with her husband Robert. The little, big, middle-sized ones all waved too .It brought tears to our eyes . A job well done we think.A little later we were feeding the ducks when shove Barbie pushed us in the duck pond .She gets that from her friend Ethel but how we laughed after we'd pulled the pond-weed off. Her husband is a bit off a misery .I think she's married a cousin because at the right angle he looks so much like our dear President only thinner .Little Maxwell got out and said "that's the old relic" ...not sure Mooney took it well until she saw he was pointing to her lovely Ibis brooch. Kerry ( as chatty as ever) kept insisting I shouldn't be green to which her father said "they're all freaks here for goodness sake".I think that is a compliment .Barbie told us her good news so the gift was a failure but what the heck ( as their father says) we'll just have to cast on !

Monday, June 12, 2006

What a differnce six-months can make ...

Isn't she just lovely.We looked after the kiddies which was certainly a challenge .Left a little pressie in the drawer by the bed but fear Barbie will use them to wash dishes .Still I think we have a new career as image consultants ..... "Mooney and Nito Imagine Yourself Beautiful ". Posted by Picasa

We sent Barbie to Geisha school ..

We just gave up ,as you can see there are quite a few hopeless cases. We did tell them we want a housewife and mother not a sex slave thank-you. Posted by Picasa

Lovely day out in Yellowstone Park...

Ethel must have decided to take her friend out for the day .The most delicious picnic supplied by
my Bramwell ...lots of honey cakes .She needs the rest because we are planning to be back with a whole lot of lovely outfits and an uplift bra .We are not all blessed Barbie dear no need to be shy. Posted by Picasa

Fame comes to Cutting Sprout

featured in "Life" as most eccentric English Village . Mooney was interviewed but it was cut .Mrs Harley featured of course .That woman has got to go . Posted by Picasa

Harlot Harley..

typical schoolgirl behaviour. Posted by Picasa

I bet he'd like to share these with Mrs Harley.

Well it won't happen.Barbie shall have them for the kiddies.Such chaos at her house , animals everywhere but she tries . We did have terrible trouble wrestling her into that dress and she screamed into our poor ears "I'm a freaking man" ..poor self image again . Just because she isn't pretty , her friend Ethel was awfully sweet but threw us into the pool .I think she is part Dutch must look up Dutch customs .Anyhow we will try again .Tad asked us about Mrs Harley , he's a dear too. Posted by Picasa

Bramwell's little fancies..

So much better than that woman's . President Johhhhhhhn won't be tasting these ..hump. Posted by Picasa

Mrs Harley walks off with !st prize

the cow ! Posted by Picasa

Help has arrived just in the nick of time.

Now we need a visit to the hair-dressers and some high-heeled shoes.Under there she's wearing her flip-flops. Posted by Picasa

Bramwell's first day at nursery..

I was too overcome with emotion ,Mooney with Gin to take him so dear Holly took him .They are both so much bigger now . Posted by Picasa

We can help you too Holly..

I'd look evil if someone knitted that for me..tip Mummy's needles are bamboo ...a match ? Posted by Picasa