Monday, June 12, 2006

Mooney here..

well darlings as Juanie has told you my origins I shall take it upon myself to tell you a little about her.He started out as a rather good brain surgeon in Fresno .His mother packed raisins and his father packed his case. One terrible day buying food an enormous plie of Brussels Sprouts landed on him causing damage in areas we shall not mention in polite society but as it's you lot let's just sat his cojones fell off .He became obsessed with sprouts and dreamed of living in England a country where they think they are fit to eat.So Juan ( as he was Juanito to mama ) came to England where he was lucky enough to get off the train in a town so behind the times and so full of nutters they think she is normal .She is in fact an ethnic minority being the only green person here . She is a wizz with sprout marmalade .The Vicar has taken rather a shine to her but then anything female does for him.Mrs Vicar ( amazingly that is both his name and occupation) is a good rather naive soul who notices nothing .Nito adopted her lovely boy Bramwell when an evacuee left him on a train and he is the light of her life. He makes most of my clothes now I can about without the bandages thanks to the spa. I even have the most lovely sweater with a Cleopatra ( cow !) collar in rhinestones ...I know you are all envious .Well I'm off to drum up some trade you naughty people at" Hathor's Hats "one of several shops Nito and I run .Mummy was the inspiration , they double up as plant holders and are so useful except when trying to get through doors .I shall be showing our latest collection soon.

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