Monday, June 12, 2006

She's out..

Off to open up as usual .Now don't forget dear friends my motto "Never aim for Excellence" or at anyone else she's a lovely girl and obviously her mother worships the ground she walks on .I am researching old Puritan names as they are so impressive .So far If Jesus Had Not Died For Thee Thou Would Be Up The Creek Without A Paddle" is a favourite.I bet his teacher hated registration. We stll have one in the Village a Mr. Misery we sell a lot of starch to him. It seems the poor sect just hated fun and quite a few of the more decorative parts of our local Church came a cropper to them chopping off things was a speciality of theirs .I'd almost agree with them about Christmas pudding if dear Mooney didn't love it so very much.Mr Smithson ( a local eccentric whose ancestors came from France) does not get on well with Mr. Misery and has been known to swear at him that's it's the likes of him that give his old Dad a bad name .If you should drop anything in the pond only ask Mr.Smithson and he'll walk over and get it .He doesn't get on at all with my brother Luzbel who only asks for a quiet life of sin and debauchery .He does wear awful loud clothes mainly in red satin and drives a terrible old American car in red with such low wheels he's always grinding along.You'll met Luzzie later.

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