Monday, June 12, 2006

P.T 109

I had noticed that President Thingy ( we forgot to ask his name ) had a very boring selection of tie-pins and yet as chance would have it I was in the model shop only yesterday when I saw a boat model called P.T 109 with a tiny man who looks alarmingly like our very own leader. I took it round just now and he burst into tears and hugged me and got his glue right out there and then .I think I shall use my graph gizmo to design him a tapestry ..a man so in love with boats. I took that moment to ask his name "Johhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn" I think he said obviously his country people love the letter "H" and why not ?Think of all the words that would look silly without it .Orse,Ouse , Air , Ardship are only a few. He has family pictures up now of a toothy family . I asked him who the toothiest was ( thinking of the local dentist) and he said "Barbie" .She isn't much of a looker and the poor dear has hair growing on her shoulders .The other one "Taddy" seems nice looking and " Younice" is a cross dresser, bless . Anyhow that should keep him from invading anyone for ages.

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