Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What a lovely surprise !

Yesterday an enormous car splashed mud on us as we shopped in the village.A window rolled down and a voice yelled "Hiya Kids" ..it was Barbie with her husband Robert. The little, big, middle-sized ones all waved too .It brought tears to our eyes . A job well done we think.A little later we were feeding the ducks when shove Barbie pushed us in the duck pond .She gets that from her friend Ethel but how we laughed after we'd pulled the pond-weed off. Her husband is a bit off a misery .I think she's married a cousin because at the right angle he looks so much like our dear President only thinner .Little Maxwell got out and said "that's the old relic" ...not sure Mooney took it well until she saw he was pointing to her lovely Ibis brooch. Kerry ( as chatty as ever) kept insisting I shouldn't be green to which her father said "they're all freaks here for goodness sake".I think that is a compliment .Barbie told us her good news so the gift was a failure but what the heck ( as their father says) we'll just have to cast on !

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