Monday, June 12, 2006

Good morning Sprout lovers.....

Mooney is making breakfast ( I have to watch her with the gin in my tea) .So I thought I'd tell you about her origins ( the gin part is 90%) .She was once a man and ruler of Egypt until that fateful day when a bolt of lightening came straight down her tunnel thingy and hit her full-on .He/she ( sex change oppie in Cairo) got up and searched in her drinks cupboard for some honey brew stuffie to revive her .She heard the most frightful noises and was astounded to find some nosy beggar called Howard helping himself to her goods.Luckily I was on holiday up the Nile and heard her screams .Together we smuggled her and rather a nice lot of clutter out of the country .This was after the op. and a name change to Mrs Mooney .The only fault she has is morals so loose she'd give President Kennedy a run for his money ( well she did several times only she didn't find she wanted to run too fast) .A touch of alcoholism so bad we have to store it in the old water tower and a tendancy to crumble if not kept hydrated. I've sold her as a relic several times to gullible dealers , she sneaks out the back that night and howard we laugh.I must say she is a lovely companion when she's not chasing men or getting into fights at the W.I.

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