Thursday, March 08, 2007

W.I day !

We had a lovely day today at the Guild , the Vicar judged my new chocolate coated sprouts as "most unusual delicacy ". I won a little cup and a ribbon which I shall wear on my hat . Henrietta won a Ist for her Rose Petal Cake ( see her book "The Queen's Closet Opened" ). Moony sulked horribly because her pickled locusts got no-where despite her winking at the Judge our dear President . He seems to be behaving well as he ignored Harley's request to dance at our little tea. Henrietta got the honour although she had to talk to his waist. He's a bit of a history buff so amazed her with his knowledge of English history after explaining to her is from The New World. She thanked him for potatoes but he looked very cross and shouted "Is that meant to be funny"? . We are still a little puzzled and she keeps sobbing. Charles is plucking up the courage to confront him. He drove off in a huff , well that's what Henny tells me although I thought he had a limousine .
We took Henny home and James stormed over to his office where he seemed to meet with a better greeting and learnt some history himself. He told Henny never to let William and Mary visit the office but is having a bust made of himself for The President's office. He graciously paid a visit to apologise to Henny and it all got a bit messy when he told her about a famine and she popped out to the kitchen and gave him a bag of potatoes. James explained in French to his Mama who blushed and tried to take them back .The President laughed and said he'd have chips later thank-you.Now Henny is puzzled as to why he is so fond of her James .
Charles has a theory that everyone in the village is dead and in fact it is a part of Heaven , how we laughed. If that is so who is Ida getting in touch with , the living ? We had a little seance later and got a message from someone called Ted for the President and a woman called Elizabeth for Charles .Elizabeth asked him if he'd mind her putting on a public exhibition of his Van Dycks to which he said "Oh Parliament sold those off dear " . "I have most back dear she said" . Charles takes that as a sign even though he doesn't really know who she was . Moony and I have never felt so alive especially after sampling Henny's Raisin wine .


Marianne said...

Oh my, you did have a rather lovely and exciting day today! Your chocolate dipped sprouts sound so inviting...and I'm sure Henrietta's petal cake looked divine..and that Mooney, for heavens sake...pickled locusts indeed! Pickled in her gin?
It's a wonder she keeps on her feet.
(A good thing Harley's request was ignored)
I quite like Charles theory, that the village is a part of Heaven but it does raise the peculiar questions, does it not.

Mmmmmmm, Raisin wine, divine!

Holly Bernice Cox said...

Oh yes my dear such an odd theory , as if we could all be dead ! How could the Arbuthnots kill so many relatives for example ? He swears that is re-incarnation..I think that sounds very trendy and New Age . I think next time Moony might try her famous Nile crocodile biscuits ( or should I say infamous!).

Marianne said...

Hmmmm, how very interesting... Nile crocodile biscuits...they certainly sound a proper candidate for 'infamous'!!
Moony does have the peculiar way with life, I will give her that!

Mrs Moony said...

Life dear. If Charlies right I hvent been that for the last 3000 years. I can start to really die it up now ehh