Friday, March 02, 2007

Ida has a new friend...

Since Henny and Charlie have moved in we've quite got used to new faces in the village. Still I was surprised when I popped into Ida's cottage today to deliver her a new recipe plum and sprout cake and found an odd looking young woman sitting amongst the cats by her fire place and with her tea cup suspended in mid air. I knew at once from her dress and her face that she must be one of big Charlie's kids. I didn't know why Ida had invited her round until the dear girl announced "You have seen ectoplasm underwear, I would be so delighted if you let me put it in my book. I often wonder is the ether looking for spirits to help me in my healing but I have never been able to summon up under garments." A little more enquiry and I discovered that Mary (her name, Charlie's kids seem to have such repetative names!) was a faith healer. "I could restore Grandpapa to health but he does not trust the spirits". Moony who had come with me muttered "Ohh he did at christmas, Trusted in The famous Grouse a bit too much !!!!" I gave Moony a little kick as Ida and Mary were offering to give me a free seance and table lifting. I didn't think that a table lifting sounded very special. I lift the card table whenever we have a bridge party and I am not one iota closer to the spirits. But Ida is an old friend so I agreed to let her try to lift anything she liked. I hadn't noticed Mary trying to lay hands on Moony. "I cure your problem, the love of alcohol.... Ohh it will bring you to grief ..." Of course Moony didn't want to be cured I thought that Mary was in a trance until I noticed that Moony had knocked her unconcious. I grabbed Moony, promised that we would be back for the seance in the evening and bundled out of the door whilst Ida laid hands on Mary to cure any concussion. How embarassing! Tonight I may not bring Moony.

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Marianne said...

Well, outside the attraction for entertainment, I think I would agree with you and leave Moony at home.
Mmmmm, plum and sprout cake! Will you be making one soon?