Monday, March 26, 2007

Henny's terrible shock.

Henny decided to pop off to Purple Sprouting to the organic farmer's market last Friday. She came back pale and shaking. There was a frantic knocking at our cottage door , setting Bunny off barking . She was leaning against the door post and muttering "Cromwell" . As she was choosing some fresh sprouts for me a broad Norfolk accent enquired after her health. He called her Mrs Stuart , of course. She says she turned and saw the warts and her legs gave way. Oliver caught her and asked her to have a coffee with him . She told us she just sort of followed him into the cafe. He bought her coffee and a French tart and enquired after her husband, The temptation to shout at him was over-whelming. Anyhow he started to apologise and ask her forgiveness. She swears by the end she almost accepted. It all ended with him telling her he runs a hairdresser called "A Bit off the Top" and she could have a trim anytime for free. She giggled nervously at this . We had heard there was a new hair-dresser at P.S but had no idea who ran it. She said he seemed to have his usual pudding basin , hacked-off by his Mum look. He did mention he was on remand from Singe on Styx for 300 odd years of good behaviour. He was having anger management treatment and since the lithium was a new man. He escorted her to the bus but she was still in shock and not sure how Charles would re-act . I believe he forgave his murderers on the scaffold so there might be some hope.
Today Ollie turned up with a hoe at the cottage explaining he had to do 500 years community work at their house. Charles set him to paint the outside windows and settled down with his paper and some chocolate digestives. James popped home , saw the painter and said "hi" then realised who he was and dragged him off the ladder. Charlie rushed out telling him he must learn to forgive as Our Lord would. James said "Bugger Our Lord, I want to kill the swine" . Luckily big Charlie turned up and dragged James inside giving Ollie a small kick as he passed him. Charlie I came out with the arnica cream and Ollie said he understood , it was all part of his therapy.


Marianne said...

Oh my, what a shocker....and for heaven sake...quite literally, will they be letting just 'everyone' in to Cutting Sprout now?
This should prove to be more than a little interesting.....

Holly Bernice Cox said...

Indeed my dear , Mooney is delighted as she thinks we might get a free paint job out of him !