Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The New World .

I had a lovely little note from a Lady Pool this day in the Year of Our Lord 2007 ( don't tell Moony and Nito I realise we are not living in the 1940s) . Mrs Cox has shown me some wonderful pictures of a place called Maryland named after ( sniff) my beloved little wife . Then there are The Carolinas , North and South I believe . They are of course named after yours truly. If it wasn't that the place is a ..cough "Republic" I might move in .Mrs Cox ix a solid Republican but I still remain friends . In fact I am not in the least surprised she is . My "dear" Grand-daughters Mary and Ann were simply awful monarchs .As for the shock of finding out my sister provided the next line.....well I have hardly forgiven Rupert for losing Bristol to Parliament. Oh I know he is a lovely boy and tried his best but I lost my head over it .I must invite the boy over , he spent so long blaming himself for my fate .I think maybe I imposed a tax too far .Mrs Cox says the reformation just swept me away and what came after me was far worse . She is such a dear , for a republican. I do think Henrietta and I should visit this "America" .Maybe you could put us up Lady Pool ?, we only require 50 rooms , 20 servants , 10 carriages ( Limos they seem to be called). I'd stay at that beautiful building in Washington ( oh ..just like that mining town near Newcastle ). If only it wasn't occupied by a rather silly man . Mrs Cox says some very great men have lived there , a Mr Roosevelt she seems very fond of and a Mr Kennedy ( I am sure Henny would like him , a good Catholic I believe). My Palaces have had some fools in occupation , not the least some of my descendants ..er hem ). Charles Rex..."what do you mean Mrs Cox , I sound like a dog"?


Marianne said...

What? you're not going to publish the comment? and reply?

Holly Bernice Cox said...

Oh my dear Lady Pool ..did I miss your post .Getting used to this new technology can be so difficult.

Marianne said...

Well, how interesting is that...I had bad-mouthed the current resident in that white (blah) house in our country, and now I can't remember all I wrote (of course) because I'm a dotty daft old Granny!

Just be assured that I think he shouldn't be there, at all, never should've been there, looking forward to the day he is no longer there, and yes, for a dotty, daft old Granny I feel very strongly about this issue.

Ack...onward and upward, eh?