Monday, February 12, 2007

Cutting Sprout Museum of antiquities and oddments

As assistant curator of the Cutting Sprout museum I've decided to take a little look back over our sweet little village's history. A little browsing in our gallery of notables with a guide book opened my eyes. Actually I had my eyes open already thats how I managed to get to the museum in the first place. I was rather drawn to an artists impression Sprovtikvs Desolatikvs our Roman town founder, as the guide book explained Sprovtikvs having been captivated by the humble Brassica set out to find a corner of the empire where he could fully indulge his passion for brassicas, in his new settlement of Cutting Sprout amongst the native tribe of Twa-wit he cultivated sprouts and wrote his 200,000 volume history of Brussels sprouts "Gloriovs Veg of Brussels" a text which experts seem oddly unwilling to read (silly fools, I've never been dissapointed by its contents even if volumes 376/ 490 are a little thin on recipes) . I was so taken in fact that I rushed downstairs to examine his famous temple mosaic. Never before have I seen such a hymn of art. Brussels sprout nymphs frolicked gayly in fields just for them. A lovely Brussel sprout Venus floated in the clouds above the town motto. "Ohh Brussels by the grace of the God's Nectar." Ohh glorious man! I felt quite faint with jubilation, I did'nt dare take in the Brussels arch today, just to much excitement!


Marianne said...

I'm fairly giddy myself just reading the accounts of your description.

Holly Bernice Cox said...

Ohh a lover of village history. Why my dear I must tell you all more. Mrs J Nito

Marianne said...