Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Greetings dear readers..

As you know I have been a little busy so Charlie took over . I think he'll be busy for a while as I saw at least three of Young Charles' Children hanging off him at the park today.
I decided to stay at my darling Bramwell's cottage for a few days . His dear friend Boris was quite the charming host . He made fancies for tea ,served me breakfast in bed and knitted with me in the evenings. Bramwell was busy at the shop but I dropped in more than once and bought some lovely new buttons he had in for Moony.He has some enamelled Scarab buttons and a new hand-knit in Kaffe's "Papyrus" pattern for sale. I know Mrs Cox would adore that. Boris has a lovely patch of vegetables at the back but seems to think that vegetables other than sprouts should be grown. It was so lovely to sit and put up my feet without a shout of "gin" resounding in my ears all day . I did miss Moony at night so had a hot water bottle but the smell of all that embalming fluid can be quite awful . Oh , my goodness a window has been smashed ...I hear a Scottish voice shouting and giggles .....I must go and see.


Marianne said...

So glad to hear you've been enjoying a bit of a holiday, my dear. Oh, imagine that....other vegetables taking up space in an otherwise perfectly good sprout garden...

I simply can hardly wait to hear what the broken window, shouts and giggling is all tell!

Holly Bernice Cox said...

Oh it was frightful Marianne , I have come over all funny and shall tell you more tomorrow.