Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To cheer Henny up we went shopping.

We thought Henny should have some more modern clothes as she keeps getting her hems muddy. Moony wanted a new handbag and between you and me she is a sucker for a label ( very naff my dears) . She was sniffing around some simply awful Leopard prints ones and those "Raddled" ones that every poor soul seems to think they must have. Dear Henny thought them all "'orrible" until we took her to evening bags .She does have good taste and chose a dear little beaded one just the right size for her.I knit my own .I am not foolish enough to be taken in by a label unless it has a brussels sprout on it. We then went to chose a dress for Henny but she wanted trousers .In fact taking her back to Strangely Sprouting was a fantastic idea as the good people of the local Pakistani community sell lovely Shalwar/Kameez. Henny was desperate for several and even Moony bought some bracelets. We had tea at the transport cafe then a bus home..oh my aching feet!


Cherry Rolfe said...

Just popped by to wish you and dear old Mrs Mooney the most spiffing year imaginable! Promise you will have larks and more larks!

mrs Nito said...

Oh my dear I have been so slack ( no not like that naughty girl) and forgotton to tell you all about our lovely Christmas. You know Mooney bought me a pyramid which is rather fetching out on the lawn and quite a talking point in the village.I bought her a suit and Henny a set of busts of decapitated heads of State ...she was so touched she burst into tears.

Cherry Rolfe said...

A pyramid - how novel!