Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Henrietta shows us the triplets.

Posted by PicasaIt got a little confusing when Henrietta showed us her husband ,well that's what we thought. It seems she married triplets which is scandalous even for Cutting Sprout .I asked her their names and she said "Charles" I said that surely they couldn't all be called that so she explained that she called one of them" Milord "and the other seemed to be "Im ". I pointed to the one in grey and said "Charles?" to which she replied "Oui" .Then to the one in red "ah Milord" she giggled so I guess the one who ( ahem) wears pearl-drop earrings is "Im". I should have liked to point out to Milord that red is not good with red hair and that asymmetrical hair is all very well on New Romantics. Moony is eaten up with envy , she did have 5,897 husbands but never three at once. I wonder which one got the chop maybe it will come out. Charles has obviously hurt his thumb poor man but that sling came in handy . I think he was probably a fashion designer but then Milord could so easily have been too. I wonder if Im was quite the ticket or maybe wearing her earrings is a joke . I'd like to ask which of the children had which father but having seen them I'm not placing any bets on the eldest I can tell you .I can't wait to hear more about her life as confusing as it must be.I asked a little about personalities which led us into territory I'd rather not go .One of them seemed to have a massive ego problem and thought God had given him powers like healing . One had a stutter( poor man ) and another was terribly shy ( you'd never guess in those outfits !

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