Monday, November 13, 2006

I am so tooched.

Madame La Cox as ..."ow you say?" zee amis tres bon . It is so niz of dear Cherry to writ aboot mon misfortuants. I av to tell er I zink Madame Niti zinks I ad tres husbandz .I do not mind ,mabee twould ave ben a grand sing .I would mabe ave saveddd ze one at zee last .Madame Nito as sinned me op for ze lessons Anglais at ze vullage all with that niz teacher Monsieur Tweedie will elp . I was just passing by zee door ( madame Cox says "Got you there " to Olly oo is tittering aboot a Polizmens from France who is ze Englishmez ..what is zis fun?


Cherry Rolfe said...

My dear Henrietta - I think those lessons are a very good idea, altthough i am the first to admit your English is tres, tres, bon compared to my French!

Anonymous said...

Ah merci buckets ,cheri x
Henrietta Maria de Bourbon Stuart .