Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Joyful momories......

Hard as it is to imagine my dears Moony and I were once bright young things Enjoying our years at Cutting Sprout Girls School And in the holidays of Scouting. Here we are with our troop, off to camp out in Sprouting woods. We were very popular and I recall winning many badges for my craft work as well as bandaging ( ohh how useful that was in the great war) and home making ( not to be cofused with home building ). There was one girl of course with whom I was not popular, there is always one to spoil it for everyone else and that girl was none other than "Harlot Harley" . Screaming until she got the best tent and dare I say it always of chatting up the boy scouts. Once... Well I had better not mention particulars but suffice it to say she was relieved of quite a few badges that day but went on to get an A+ in biology. Posted by Picasa

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