Tuesday, August 01, 2006

As Autumn moves ever closer....

I'm sure that Moony will insist that we all gather round the fire place for a hearty game of Senet. Not the large building in Washington where our dear President worked before he came to us but Moonys favourite board game. The rules arn't what I would call clear, but dearest Moony loves it. I've gathered that we throw a pot of sticks in the air and then I don't know, but it influences our moves . She has about fifty sets for playing this game and its hard to find space for them in the cupboard under the stairs where they mingle with a nice game of "Brussels Sprouts"(who could ever have imagined that John Lewis would see my point of view!) Moony sadly is less keen on my board games but she is, I have decided to a certain extent a pleb. Still after a hot cocoa on a stormy winters night after the vicar has left having "entertained" us all evening with charades (ohh how we laugh at his "Tricky Dicky"!). I can feel the attraction to play just one more game before we retire to our snug little bedroom. Posted by Picasa

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