Saturday, September 02, 2006

I told you we had a jackal ...

Ahh the joys of pet ownership. How much they bring to our lives! Constant and faithful companions. When Moony moved into my cottage after the mysterious disapperance of the late Mr Nito, "I'll be such a comfort to you dear and ohh you'll hardly know i'm here!" I have feeling she just wanted to live rent free and as for, "you'll hardly know I'm here!", Well I have noticed Moony dearest but of course I'm not bitter, now where was I ? Ahh yes, well anyway she brought with her (amongst other things ) her pet jackal called Bunny unbelivably. What a regal nuisance. If I had known... He upset my poor little kittys, sukie has never come down from the fridge and whilst they make do of the nice cosy hearth rug here you'll see he has to have his own little throne/table/ alter to the gods. And feeding him don't even get me started he's a sacred animal so fish from the Nile caught by the blind monks of the sacred temple of wooble monday,wednesday,friday. But eagles of the sacred palace of ImenPointlessdeity on Saturdays only and ritual lambs of Doodlbooper tuesday and thursday. Don't even ask about Sundays! Some pets are close friends some need stuffing  Posted by Picasa

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