Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Mr. Che , funny name that.

On Saturday I popped over to the other side to watch Mrs Cox's new film ,"Che". It was very dull all green ( no what am I saying ?). A dull green and everyone kept fighting which was very , very naughty . Mrs Mooney tells me he lives in Verde el Fantastico so I invited him over for tea. He is obviously not a man with a vast wardrobe , that tatty old beret and khaki again with huge boots. He hasn't shaved for goodness knows how long and his hair is a mess.Mooney ( the know it all ) told me was Argentinian so I got in a nice tin of corned beef and she bought some horrible tea stuff called mate ( no mate of mine i can tell you ). After I boiled the water he pulled out a grenade so I grabbed it and hit the deck as I threw it out of the window .Mr Che shouted "hey that's my bombilla".That is none of my business but it's upstairs second on the right. "Lady you are loco" he said. I laughed at his little joke as I am clearly not a train. He then started coughing horribly all over my violet tea-set. These Argentines have no manners. Mooney said " hush the poor man has asthma". Oh that's what it was I like a spot of Earl Grey myself. He was starting to look a bit cross,devilish eyes you know. When I bought in the corned beef he started shouting in some foreign language and Mooney tried to calm him down . I wouldn't have wanted to be his Mum . He asked for mate again so I thought it must refer to the rug and slipped it under his feet. As I stood up I slipped and fell ,there was a crack and he flung me on the sofa shoving a bamboo stick in my mouth ( I knew he was mad). I am a doctor woman he yelled lay still you've twisted your ankle . I didn't want the treatment but his bedside manner was a bit rough and before you know it he was tearing up my best anti-macassar and tieing up my ankle. I have to say Argentine blokies could do with some grace . Mooney "oh for goodness sake Nito don't you know who he is , the man on the poster in my room". Well he's fooled you hasn't he because that man is clearly red .At this point he stormed out of the cottage . We really do have some odd people over here ,oh and did I mention the holes in his uniform . It's clear to me he has no little woman looking after him. Mooney said "oh yes he does ,his first wife". Well she is no needlewoman then. I pity his other wives when they arrive. The next day a sweet little lady arrived at the cottage to give me a right telling off about being rude to her "Papa" ...oh God they let him breed!

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