Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poor Mrs Cox.

Her osmoz kit arrived this morning . Mooney shuffled past and seeing the olibanum , myrrh and juniper oil she mixed herself a cocktail. The poor woman has been waiting ages for it to arrive from France. Henrietta stopped the sobbing by phoning a relative who is sending another post haste. She had her laptop with her so showed us some very nasty stuff about some snooty designer . Mooney called him snooty cow ( she needs new glasses or maybe not). Anyhow Bramwell is far more talented and he didn't get where he is by wearing bin bags .In fact he has some lovely fur. That singer is upsetting Mrs Cox again ( God we could do counselling). Mooney and Henny said she shouldn't care I mean who has friends are a Pharaoh and a Queen of England. He can crawl all he likes but Pharoahs are hard to find. George Fox had to take the poor distraught woman back to the border ( what she didn't know was that Mooney was in her trunk so she could "borrow" her best Ta'if rose .

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