Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wet Sunday in the guesthouse in more ways than one ...

As it was tipping with rain when we woke Mooney summoned the boy who does errands and sent him off for the paper and ( alas) her cigarettes . I had a long soak in the bath and clipped my toenails whilst listening to the news from Cutting Sprout . The voice of our dear Henny read the news . It seems Mrs Bagshott-smyth has pulled her muscles and is thinking of taking a break in "Artichoke Villas" ..oh horrors.!We went down for a light breakfast , Mooney had bacon , eggs , fried bread, sausages, and cereal with a large gin. I had toast and marmalade . On the way back up to our room we heard a bellow "fine day for a game eh ladies , how's about it?" . Mooney groaned as it was the Major ( a terrible old bore who rattles on about his military days and hunting ) .We felt obliged to play at least one game of bridge which I can't understand at all . I kept feeling a large slipper playing footsie under the table . The Major winked at me several times so I told him about Woger and how he'd be back soon . Moony whispered to me that we should escape when he went to powder his nose ( it's bulbous and red from a life of whiskey drinking). We grabbed our raincoats and umbrellas. As we stepped under the porch Mooney was half drowned as the gutter cleared . The swearing was frightful. We walked along the prom. to some shelter near the cliffs where we watched several men rolling what appeared to be barrels along the sand off round the back of the caves , must be a local tradition. As dinner time came we bought some fish and chips and ate as we watched the goings on with barrels .As evening fell we strolled home chilled and tired only to be stopped by a Policeman asking if we'd seen anything suspicious . Moony said "how could we tell we come from Cutting Sprout?" . How we laughed as we drank our cocoa in bed and listened to Charlie's "Easy Listening" music show .

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