Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer Sales

Today heralds the start of the Dingbat Wobble and Fryer summer sale so Moony and I popped down. As we’ve been to a number of these over the years we came prepared (knee pads, cycle helmets, tennis rackets). A large crowd had formed outside, Charles and Ollie were rather energetically jogging on the spot and Ida was trying unsuccessfully to read Mr Misery’s future. I could see Mrs Dingbat peaking round the corner of one of her displays, a jaunty pile of rocking chairs and tangerine coloured cushions all with sale stickers sellotaped on, they might be for sale but I couldn’t see the cushions selling. After a half hours wait Mr Fryer swung the doors open and we all made a mad dash inside. Little Henny disappeared underfoot, only her plaintiff cries could be heard and it was some time before she was discovered clutching onto Mrs Arbathnot-nuts leg in ladies clothing. She looked bedraggled but otherwise fine and I’m sure she was as pleased as Charlie was about his sale finds (a lovely pair of pale blue trainers, five pairs of bright red silk boxer shorts and a charming pair of plaster king Charles spaniels for the mantelpiece) at least I’m sure that’s what that look on her face meant. I had come for some new Kilner jars as Moony had made a terrible mess the day before when she was looking for one of her knoptic jars. The vital one that contained her lungs. The long and the short of it is that we now need a new home for them and some new pickled cabbage. On the bright side a Miss Ada Fenchurch of the British museum was surprised to find a recently super glued but 100 percent authentic knoptic jar from the tomb of Tutankhamen on EBay (buy it now price of £2.50, we wanted it off our hands) . I bumped into Ida Batwing in the homes and interiors department looking for a new set of table cloths, preferably black and fringed, for that Gypsy-psychic look she does so well. She clasped my arm and announced in hushed tones “Woger is in… is in …is in” sadly Moony chose that juncture to have a small coughing fit and whatever Ida was about to say sounded for all the world like “Woger is in Men’s night wear” . When I asked her to explain she was gone, off in a trance that led her over to some particularly heavy chenille curtains. I went in search of some nice green yarn to knit myself a winter cardigan; I see something tastefully draped, frilly lace cuffs and bobbles that look a little like Brussels sprouts, maybe a bow closure. Mr Misery was at the wool department counter enquiring if they had any knittable steel wool, in black for a vest his wife was making him. The assistant’s hair almost stood on end, until she convinced him that Daria might be just as uncomfortable. But he saw the bright vivid colours and after an apoplectic fit passed out. It must be hard having that little fun. When he came round she offered to order him some Habu steel wool and he almost smiled until he realised he had taken a vow against such heathen expressions of joy grabbed the stapler and fixed his expression of joyless sobriety back in place. When he found out about this Dr De-ath took him to hospital to have them removed. I found something just right with a nice bobbly texture and a lot of yardage always a plus for an economical lady like myself. I tracked Moony back down in lingerie; she has rather vulgar taste and was buying a pair of marabou trimmed leopard print devore pyjamas with diamante buttons. I tried not to say anything but really, they were rather over the top. Henny emerged from one of the fitting rooms to ask my opinion on a new girdle, they all seemed to be designed for a much taller woman than her and she has to have a special order of extra, extra smaller else they start at her neck and end at her knees. We were all delightfully pleased with our buys and Henny invited us and Ida & Mary back to her house for tea, as we left we passed Charlie’s Grandma Mary Q.O.S in crafts. Ear trumpet in place, buying a tapestry kit of... herself .Henny groaned “Zats probably vat ve vill be gotting far Chrismouse


Marianne said...

I just love a good sale and from the sounds of it, you had an exceptionally good one! I also enjoy watching people and seeing what they find as 'treasure'.
Good going on the ebay sell! heh.

Mrs Juanita Germaine Nito said...

We went to the British Museum at the weekend to see Moonys jar on display. Moony read the tag, a lot of stuff about ancient Egyptian funeral practice and snorted with laughter. "It was all tosh you know dear." On the way out we brought a couple of postcards, portraits of Moony in her flash sarcophagus, Howard with his discovery (before she hit the big time as a dancer and left him behind in Blighty) and one surprisingly of Bunny in one of his few peaceful moments. I brought a pop up Pyramid for the local primary school. We passed some civil war artifacts before we left and I took a photo for Henny and Charles.