Monday, July 09, 2007

The mast is erected !

This weekend Moony and I zipped down to the opening of the new radio mast. The Vicar had tried to find a celebrity willing to come to our village but alas he was disappointed apparently they were all off at some sort of concert, so we had to settle for Lord & Lady Arbathnot-Nut. So now wer’e on air, the first broadcast is transcribed below. (Henny was so wonderful stepping in to read the news at the last moment)

Dum de dumm dumm, dumm de dum dumm de de dummm

“Welcome dears it’s exactly 9.00 of the clock and you must be listening to Cutting Sprout F.M. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be able to hear me of course. I’m your vicar the right Rev Pine-Coffin and it is my great pleasure to hand you over to Mrs H. Stuart at the news desk.”
“Allo tis moi Henny I am spocking to vous today about ze news. Sittings of a mysterious creature on ze moors which is very fritning ave increased so stay in and hid under ze bed.
New reports in zat ze Harlot Harley she as larddered her Stockings on ze zay to ze shop, I do not zink it was un accident!
Charles Stuarlt he remains the handsomest man en cotting sprout by mills.
Ze Vicar he is planting ze fresh flowers in his boders, so I have some competition for moi planting scum I see. No No fear Henny vill vin ze vallage show with moi begonias .Sinnin orf ,ave ze good-dayz.


Marianne said...

Congratulations to all on the very first broadcast in Cutting Sprout!
Now, has anyone spotted as in actually seen the mysterious creature on the moors?
I understood everything except... just what did Harlot Harley do to her stockings? (we are quite aware of her reputation)...
And of course, Charles is the handsomest man around!

A good day for all in Cutting Sprout!


Holly Bernice Cox said...

Well don't tell my dear but it's Mooney staggering around in her Leopard skin coat looking for half filled bottles. Charles will be flattered ! As for that Harlot I think our dear President had something to do with that !!! Mrs J.Nito

Marianne said...

Heh! I won't tell, promise, how funny!

Mrs j.Nito said...

umm especially not the people who come to take pictures of the monster,there would go our tourist trade. I print lovely T.shirts of the "beast" that sell like hotcakes!

Cherry Rolfe said...

Hurrah to all in Cutting Sprout! Hurrah! A great and historis day! Hurrah!

Queen Henrietta Maria de Bourbon de Medici de Stuart said...

I am ze celeb.... Celebraty. Lick Parris Hiton, but nooot in poisen...Prison "Zank vous chilli!". I as been sinning autographs all over me etchings soo I am azzing some photos mad and hoop ze zill not steal my zoul.